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NuForce's amplifier is so small and light, does it provide adequate performance?


NuForce's amplifier utilizes high-performance switch-mode power supplies (SMPS). SMPS, as opposed to traditional hugeand bulky linear power supplies, offers smaller size and higher efficiency. Most importantly, SMPS operates at much higher frequencies. These are thousands of times faster than linear power supplies operating at 50/60Hz. Therefore, they respond faster to provide instantaneous power as required by high-performance music reproduction. Transformers and capacitors are more efficient and smaller at higher frequency. Hence, even a very small SMPS is still several times more capable than a 50/60Hz linear power supply. SMPS also offers sophisticated over-current and short circuit protection, in addition to meeting all leading safety and industry reliability standard. Running very cool, the SMPS used in NuForce's amplifier provides an unequalled regulated output without the 100/120 Hz ripple voltage found in linear power supplies (even when huge cans of filter capacitors are used such as the case of high end amplifiers).

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