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Why does the unit seem to get hot to the touch at times? Is there any way to prevent this?


In most cases the problem arises when the 5-volt DC power supplied by the computer’s USB port/buss is not up to providingthe uDAC-2 with sufficient power. This is a fairly common occurrence. Many computers limit the amount of current made available to their USB ports for use in powering external devices. The current draw of the uDAC-2 is such that the voltage delivered by the computer's 5-volt supply will drop slightly below 5 volts. The uDAC-2’s voltage regulator circuit tries to compensate for the lack of voltage, which accounts for the excess heat. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to use an inexpensive powered USB hub between the computer and the uDAC-2. Instead of the computer, the powered USB hub will provide the needed power to the uDAC-2 at a more robust level. In addition to the elimination of the excess heat, as a secondary benefit, the sound quality may improve.

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