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There appears to be a coaxial jack at the rear of the uDAC-2. Is that an input or output and what is its intended use?


That connector is a digital S/PDIF output. When connected to an external DAC the uDAC-2 functions as a convenient USB-to-coaxial converter. In such applications, one would expect that the external DAC in question is a larger and (hopefully) higherperformance device than that of the uDAC-2. When this connection is used, the signal remains in a digital form and therefore essentially bypasses the uDAC2’s built-in DAC. The digital signal is still presented to the uDAC-2's internal DAC section and, for whatever reason, can be used simultaneously, e.g., in a recording studio where the engineer would like to monitor the music signal via headphones before it is input to a digital mixer.

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