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Is it possible to connect my iPod or iPhone to the uDAC-2, Icon-2, Icon HDP, etc., such that the digital music signal is externally converted back to analog by the DAC stage of the Icon?


No, unfortunately this is not possible. The iPod is a relatively simple device that is referred to in computer terminology as a "client" device, and the Icon products mentioned are client devices as well. In that, they are both relatively simple products that can only communicate under the control of a computer. For communication, the iPod must be connected to a type of "intelligent" device that functions on some basic level similar to that of a computer, which we then refer to as a "host" device. The host must request that digital data be sent to it from the iPod, as otherwise it will not do so on its own. Therefore, in order to accomplish the external Digital to Analog conversion as suggested, the iPod must be connected to an external DAC-based device that has the required intelligence in the form of a simple processor and Operating System. In order to fulfill this need, NuForce now offers the new Icon iDo, which can be seen at the following web page: http://www.nuforce.com/hp/products/ido/index.php

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