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My headphones have a relatively high sensitivity rating,such that I only need to turn the Icon product's volume up to around 9 or 10 o'clock. At that setting there seems to be a slight channel imbalance where one side plays louder than the other.


No. This is a common occurrence in moderately priced consumer audio products. The effect is due to the limitations in manufacturing tolerances of the volume control. In order to improve the accuracy of low-level volume settings, manufacturers of high cost audiophile products often resort to "stepped attenuators," where discrete resistor networks are selected for every volume setting. The volume selection is then made by a rotary-switch volume control, which simply provides multiple position settings for the selection of the appropriate resistor network. Unfortunately, such extremes of engineering cannot be employed in the price range of our NuForce Desktop products. For further information, please see the web page at the following link: analog-volume-graph

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