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Is NuForce's 300W amplifier less or more powerful than a linear solid state or tube amplifier rated for 300W?


In terms of reproducing the dynamics and headrooms of music, the more power the better. The commonly accepted measurement is to rate the output power when the amplifier clips with a 1% THD. Now, what is clipping? Clipping occurs in a linear amplifier when its output signal tries to exceed the limits of its power supply voltage. In a linear amplifier using transistors and bulky a transformer/rectifier, the storage capacitor is recharged only once every 8.33 milliseconds, and its voltage is only slightly above the maximum output voltage, so it could clip rather easily. To put it simply, it has very little headroom. With tube amplifiers, the supply voltage is very high, typically 300 to 600V. Therefore even though tube amplifiers have higher overall distortion, perceptively, they sound more 'powerful'. NuForce's amplifier is a switching amplifier designed with lots of headroom, so that there is no clipping at its rated 300W. Its 300W is perceptively better sounding than a 300W linear amplifier.

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