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The NuForce Icon I have is being connected to another amplifier. Since each product has its own volume control, what is the best setting for each?


Generally speaking, the best method is to follow the "lowest noise rule," which states that the lowest noise and distortion willresult from applying the most audio signal gain (amplification) at the earliest stage in the system. The idea is that, as the signal passes through following stages, it picks up noise and distortion along the way. If the bulk of the gain is applied near the end of the system,you will also be amplifying any noise en route that was added to the signal. If possible, it is best to avoid amplifying any noise. In practice, this concept is not always easy to implement to an optimal level. Ideally, there should be some way of monitoring the signal so that one uses as much gain as possible (before the onset of distortion) at the very first stage in the system. Without test equipment to perform this monitoring function, the alternative is to employ listening tests as outlined below. To begin, such a test involves turning up both the Icon and amplifier's volume controls to about 12 o'clock. Then turn the Icon's volume control up while simultaneously turning down the amplifier's volume control in order to maintain a constant average volume from the speakers. You should repeat this process while listening for a change in timbre, wherein the music’s higher tones start sounding excessively bright or even a bit irritating. That is the sound of distortion and therefore the limit to which you can turn up the Icon's volume. Once that level is reached, you would then turn the Icon's volume control down to where the sound regains its smoother nature. From that point forward you should adjust the speaker volume up or down to taste via the amplifier’s volume control, leaving the Icon's volume control at the same setting all of the time. A simpler and faster alternative is to turn the Icon product's volume control to about 2 o'clock and adjust the speaker volume to taste using the amplifier's volume control from that point forward. In most cases, the Icon’s 2 o'clock setting is quite close to optimal.

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