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""This amplifier is said to prefer a fast, clean and tight loudspeaker so the PMCs should be perfect, in practice it was a remarkably successful combination given the £650 price of the amplifier...It starts and stops with alacrity"
“A better alternative proved to be Triangle Comete Ez standmounts, these have horn loaded tweeters for maximum dynamics and this combined with a tight bottom end worked a treat. Now the likes of Boris Blank, The Civil Wars and Trentmøller could be enjoyed to the max, with plenty of scale and energy.”"
"If you want to build a decent system that won’t take over the living room or even the desk top this is one of the better places to start."
"The STA120 stays on the right side of ‘bright’, and the upper mid detail on offer with the Gold 100 would highlight any brightness with consummate ease. Even with Brahms’ Hungarian Dances [Abbado/Vienna Philharmonic, DG], which are not the kind of music that one might naturally associate with the Gold 100, the DAC80/STA120 combination made those speakers sound truly inspiring"
"Small device for big sound - With the digital analog converter NuForce DAC80 and the class-D amp STA120 Optoma has succeeded in developing an audiophile symbioses. These units fit well together thanks to the space-saving format and discrete design."
"Stereoplay test rating:  Sound: top class, Overall judgment: good - very good, Price/performance: very good “Precious processing amp with enough energy for challenging speakers. The STA120 is impressive and gives an enjoyable charm to the music"
"年度最佳组合 完美声效
作为老烧,笔者对各种Hi-Res格式一开始是拒绝的 - 没有介质的东西,怎么可能像LP、CD那样一张永流传?然而历史车轮滚滚向前,许多新曲目只发布Hi-Res格式,Tidal上精彩的录音浩如烟海,没有一套新系统是万万不可的。NuForce新智STA120+DAC-80正为此而来。"
Optoma NuForce(奥图码新智)
STA120 后级放大器
作为一款入门及后级放大器,Optoma NuForce STA120 有著优秀的推动能力,三频表现均衡,延伸出色。声音清晰度高,气势足,有相当的还原效果,后级放大表现令人满意。"
"窈窕身材爆发充足能量。说实话,如果你闭眼去听 STA120 的
声音,你很难想象这是一台如此小尺寸的机身所能够发出来的声音。STA120拥有非常充沛的能量感,这在声音中就有着非常明显的体现。与多数的 A类功放不同,D类功放在声音上更加强调速度感,"