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""The HA200 amp is minimal, modern, and slick. It has the warmth and vibrancy of tube electronics, combined with the precision and clean power of solid-state.”"
"The amplifier provides rich, saturated sound of an open and smooth character. It operates rhythm and dynamics with great freedom and culture. Emphasis has been placed on the correct color extraction instruments, showing their natural tonal, but also musicality. The same is true with human voices - voices sound energetically and emotionally, are perfectly presented against the background of instruments that provide solid accompaniment and background"
"The HA200 is a very classy, pure and punchy performer, largely due to the Class A topology.” “There is no distortion from this little beauty.”  “NuForce really do know how to produce an accurate but still very natural and musical product which gave me no listening fatigue and endless fun” “I found the HA200 to be one of the best headphone amplifiers I have heard"
"A bit special - taking the street price of the HA200 into the consideration, it is by far the cheapest way to use a headphone in a symmetric way."
"“The HA200 delivers a pleasing combination of clarity and substance, regardless of source. Its soundstage is broad and dynamic with plenty of headroom, and it reveals itself to be especially adept with higher frequencies.”
“Whether used in a desktop rig or with traditional analogue sources, the HA200 acquits itself admirably. It’s a simple and straightforward headphone amp that has a well-balanced and beautifully revealing sound.”"
""HA200 is a champion of the sound quality offered at a nice price, then maybe he deserves a Qobuzissime!“"
"“NuForce is very strong in its ability to design products specifically to fit a market demand, particularly in the digital domain.”"
"“The high level of clarity offers the ability to identify each instrument,  even if a song consists of many instruments.”"