DAC-80, DAC-100, DAC-9-192K, U192S, UDH-100 Asynchronous USB Drivers

Nuforce_192k_USB_DAC_Software.exe Windows Installation Instructions
To install:
From executable
Run "Nuforce 192k USB DAC Software.exe" and follow installation prompts, choosing an installation location on your hard drive. Be sure to accept the Galaxy Far East Corp driver as a trusted driver.
If installing to a Windows 7 or Windows 8 system, accept the system changes when prompted by Windows UAC. Depending on your settings, you may not be prompted if UAC is disabled, or may have to run the executable with administrator privileges.
From zip file
Be sure to extract all files from within the zip file into a separate location on your hard drive. Do NOT attempt installation via browsing within the zip file.
Be sure to run NuforceUsbAudioSetup.exe at the top level of the folder structure. Do NOT attempt installation from within "x32", "x64" or the "xp" folders. Failure in adhering to these steps will result in a corrupt installation.
Be sure to plug the device in only after the software has installed. Doing otherwise may result in an error in installation.
A known limitation of the software is that users must not unplug the USB cable while music is being played under Windows 8. Doing so will almost certainly result in the OS locking up.